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In Search of GraceDragan's Redemption  / Aaron's RevengeThe LegacyThe Flight of the Sparrow (Kelly and the Angel Book 2)

The Corner Booth


Kelly and the Angel - The Birth of the Sparrow

Kelly Austin knew the day her apartment was robbed, and a seemingly innocent item stolen, that her world was about to change forever. Every secret she held deep inside of her was now in the hands of a stranger and Kelly would do anything to get it back before its contents were revealed. As her life starts to unravel around her, Kelly is forced to admit, by a persistent Detective, that maybe not all of her secrets were meant to be kept to herself, or that she would have to face the storms of the world alone.

From the moment of their first meeting, Detective Michael Harding realized that Kelly was different from any person e had ever met before. Kelly’s obsession in wanting to find her stolen journal, led him to hear the mysterious and frightening words that she put down on paper, ultimately learning the truth of who she really was, that of a modern day prophet. Sensing her panic at the turmoil erupting around her, Michael let go of everything he ever believed to help Kelly accept her fate, taking them both on a wild and dangerous journey that would not only change how they saw themselves, but the world.