The Legacy Book Three of the Manor at Echo Lake Trilogy

The Manor at Echo Lake has seen its share of changes, but none such as the past year and Aaron Reynolds knew more changes were on the way.   He was just not sure if he was ready for them.

Vowing he would do about anything to understand who he was and why, with the hope that he had a chance to survive the mandatory harvest without losing his soul for not only himself but for his brother, Dragan.  He leaves everything behind traveling from the Berkshires of Massachusetts and the woman he loves to London England, and to the place he was turned into a vampire; then on to the Himalayas.   Aaron soon realizes that what you are might not be quite as important as who you are.

Surrounded by a small band of friends at his soul harvest, Aaron comes face to face with not only the answers he has been so desperately seeking, but also the one person he feared the most.