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The Birth of the Sparrow (Kelly and the Angel Book 1) / The Corner Booth

The Flight of the Sparrow (Kelly and the Angel Book 2)

“I had to feel it, Ryder. I had to feel the awesome power of something that is only doing what it was created to do and did it mindlessly and fiercely.” Kelly Austin, Flight of the Sparrow. 

The Flight of the Sparrow is the second book in the Kelly and the Angel Series and the story continues the journey of Kelly Austin, a modern day prophetess. 

The tsunami Kelly had predicted had finally struck New England. In the aftermath of the giant waves’ destruction, Kelly struggles internally as she is faced with even more visions crowding her mind, while she picks up the pieces of the shattered world around her. Feeling unsure of the direction she is being taken, when a sniper attempts to take her life, Kelly finds out quickly that not everything or everyone around her is, as they seem. Kelly is taken on a wild journey and it is up to her to figure out who the enemies are before they destroy not only her but possibly the world.