Eyebrows on Dogs

eyebrows 004.jpg

It started with a photo that my fifteen year old daughter posted on my Facebook page.  It was a ridiculous photo, but to some people (including myself) ridiculously, hysterically funny.  It was a picture of a Chihuahua with eyebrows drawn in with eyeliner.  I could not get the picture out of my head as my eyes constantly strayed to my two friends lying faithfully next to me, on the couch, snoring, as I worked on my next novel.  As the time passed, and as my grin got wider by the minute, I couldn’t resist temptation and ran for the eyeliner…(hypoallergenic mind you).  I started with Sedona first, mainly because she was the one that tolerated the nail trimmings, baths and vet visits.  Right away, she knew something was up as I knelt in front of her.  Eyeballing the “thing” in my hand, she preceded to stare me down as I applied the lines to her forehead, while I began to snicker, trying not to laugh out loud in front of her.  Her sidekick raced around on the couch in his spazy way, after sniffing her head, waiting for his turn.  Resting back on my heels, I checked out my masterpiece, as Sedona gave me another one of her “you are an idiot Human” looks.   Matrix quickly took her place on the coach looking from me to her to me again, panting happily, with tail wagging.  This was great fun to him and me.  I turned to her with my own look of “You, Sedona, are a joy killer.”  Ignoring the rolling of her eyes, I began focusing on his tiny face while carefully drawing eyebrows on him.  He sat beautifully, beaming with pride while Sedona stared him down before turning several times, then lying with her back to both of us while, I am convinced, thinking in her head - “You, also, are an idiot Matrix.”

Several seconds later, his eyebrows were in place and he looked comical.  Snapping a couple of pictures I texted a few and of course placed one on Face book.  I could not wait for my kids to get home from school.   I was not disappointed as I watched my thirteen-year-old son laugh aloud…. “Mom, that is so great!!!”  Grinning back, I beamed.

After picking up my oldest and youngest, I could not wait to show them the picture on my phone.  I did not get the same reaction from the youngest.  “Seriously, Mom - what is wrong with you?” 

“What?  Oh, come on, this is funny.”

Sitting stoically, with her arms crossed, my nine year old daughter obviously did not find it funny.  I knew she would change her mind, when she saw them face to face.  WRONG!

Walking into the house, they both greeted her with love exploding from them, as only dogs can do.  Bending down she picked up Matrix, holding his face staring at him frowning, before turning to me.  “Really Mom!  If God wanted eyebrows on dogs, he would have put them there.”

Turning she huffed into the kitchen still carrying Matrix, while Sedona followed close on her heels shooting me that doggy look of “I told you so” before disappearing around the corner.

Sitting back on the couch, duly chastised, I contemplated her opinion of the situation - having to admit, reluctantly, that maybe some of what she said might be true.  I tried to envision future thought provoking blog posts and their titles such as "Accepting Who We Are" or maybe "Stop Hiding Behind Things" , i.e., makeup  before shaking my head, mumbling "NOPE" as I grinned from ear to ear yelling out to her as she cleaned them off - “eyebrows on dogs is still funny.”