Kindness? Really? (Part 1)

(From January 2012)

It has been a bad week all around with the car breaking down, money drained and the dog having the runs after snagging a fiber bar from the 14 year old's backpack *gagging while I am writing this at the memories*.    The kids seemed to suck up every negative energy cell from me; and then they began morphing into 3 balls of darkness as they started to plot each others deaths, as only children can, while asking me why they could not have been the only child.  After 48 hours of hearing them nit picking and screaming at each other, I found myself plotting their deaths also (and everyone else for that matte)r, around me while asking the question to myself "WHY did I have children?"

“WOW!!!” a good friend of mine stated as I glared at her during my rant and tales of woe over coffee.  “Aren’t you the person of kindness…the seer of seeing the light through the darkness?”  For a split second I wanted to dope slap her.  Even as my hand itched to do so, I had to admit that she was right.  What was happening to me?

Thus begins another week of trying to stay in Kindness.