"Never explain yourself: Your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe it. "

Honestly, it seems to irritate some people when I speak of peace.  The calmness and tranquility that I speak of does not mean that I do not get aggravated or annoyed, or that nothing “bad” ever happens to me ,   In fact, with all the personal garbage and baggage that I am currently going through  and carrying around probably would set others into a sanity check mode.

 It is not what happens or what is said about me but how I react to the latter that seems to be the difference between myself and others.  In my teaching and public speaking, the question I get is “how can I achieve the same peace”?

 The answer is simple and this is what I do.  If the situation I am in is something that I have done or brought upon myself, and if it is a negative factor in my life than I deal with it.  BUT, if it is a situation brought on by others than I have some choices to make….do I allow their actions to affect me in a negative way or do I remove myself from it.

 This is where the “ya buts” come in. 

 "Ya But….they said this about me".

You cannot change what they say.  In fact, you will never be able to stop them from saying anything.  Ask yourself “Is what they said true?”.   If not, then the truth that you know is enough.    I do not need to involve myself in justifying what is being said about me. 

“NEVER explain yourself…..Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it”

This takes practice……but it is achievable!

Peace be with you.