I am in Love!!!

I am in love and I can't help but scream it loudly!  This love has consumed me for hours over the past several days.  Is it a man? Is it an animal?   Absolutely NOT!  It is a website.   May the sun shine and the clouds stay parted.......I have stumbled across Goodreads.com!

As a wannabe avid reader, having very few free minutes with three children two dogs and two cats, and being an author -  I have wanted for years to have a place where I could compile all of the books I have read and want to read somewhere .  *shivers* with excitement!  No more spreadsheets, no more pieces of paper.  I now have a place and it is called Goodreads....... :D

The great part is that they also have an author section.  I cannot wait to look at all of what they have to offer - (and please feel free to let me know what YOU think is the best part of Goodreads so that I can get to know every tiny corner of this wonderful webiste!!!)