(The first in a Young Adult Series) Arriving February 2016!

When the ancient Kai learns that the prophecy has started, he sends his beloved wolf to find the Three that was sent to help save the people from the evil one. 

Gabriella, learning of her gift, the ability to speak to the animals, works to build an army, to help her brother and sister fight the evil that she was told would come.  But first, she had to convince her siblings that she wasn't crazy.


The Third Installment in the Carras Enterprise Series will be arriving JANUARY 2016!!!

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The Corner Booth and The Chameleon


- Arriving February 2016 -

Derek Chandler, Lieutenant with Boston's ATF Unit has never had a best friend like Bodyguard Stephanous Petros of Carras Enterprise, and he would do almost anything because of that friendship - within the law.

Learning that Sakis' Carras child, Rose, has been kidnapped and Stephan's fiancé, Aisling disappears several days later, that friendship is tested. (MORE TO COME!)